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Take a step back in time at Davies Manor Historic Site in Cordova, Tennessee. This historic site gives visitors the chance to explore a homestead that was built by plantation owner John Leslie Davies in the early 19th century. Today, the site offers a unique opportunity to learn about the past through authentically reconstructed buildings and displays of many artifacts and documents from the 1800s. Visitors can explore the main house and take part in living history programs to get a better understanding of life as an antebellum planter. Davies Manor Historic Site has been a part of the local community since the early 1800s. In 1879, Leslie Davies purchased this land and developed it into the homestead it is today. The site began as a small farm that grew a variety of crops, but eventually, it expanded to include the main house. A log cabin and other small buildings were also added to the property. In 1965, the Davies family donated the property to the city of Cordova, and it later became a local historic site. Visit this link for more information.

As soon as you enter the site, you are immediately taken back to the 19th century. The main house, built in the Federal style, is the centerpiece of the site. It includes six bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large kitchen, a parlor, and a dining room. Visitors can explore each of these rooms and examine the original furnishings and decorations used during the 1800s. In addition to the main house, there are several other buildings and structures that are part of the Davies Manor Historic Site. These include a one-room log cabin, a barn, and a brick smokehouse. The log cabin and the smokehouse are authentically reconstructed, and there are artifacts from the 1800s displayed in each building. The log cabin and the smokehouse give visitors an opportunity to understand what life was like for the Davies family during the 19th century. Many of the artifacts, including furniture, documents, and tools, have been passed down through generations. These items provide a fascinating insight into the history of the Davies family and the community they lived in. Read about Exploring the Wilderness of the Wolf River Nature Area in Cordova, TN here.