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The Memphis Jewish Home & Rehab in Cordova, TN, is a premier rehabilitation center offering its community quality medical care and rehabilitation services since 1981. The center’s goal is to bridge the gap between long-term care facilities and home-based care. Their mission is to provide excellent quality of life for all residents within a warm, supportive, and caring environment. More facts can be seen here.

The Memphis Jewish Home & Rehab is licensed and certified by the state of Tennessee and licensed as a nursing home by the Tennessee Department of Health. As the only Jewish-sponsored nursing home in the city of Memphis, the Center prides itself on providing professional and respectful care for Jewish residents of the community. The Center has a pleasant, home-like atmosphere and a staff of skilled and experienced professionals who provide attentive and respectful care for residents. The Center is made up of two main components – residential and rehabilitation services. The residential area offers private and semi-private nursing home accommodations, 24-hour skilled nursing care, therapeutic activities, and a variety of amenities. The Rehabilitation department focuses on healing, restoring mobility, and developing meaningful activities of daily living. Thank you for reading this article. I hope that you will soon visit this place. See here for information about Shelby Farms Park in Memphis.