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Cordova, Tennessee, is a quiet suburban area outside of Memphis, and while it might not be the first place you think of amusement parks and fun, the city is home to some of the most exciting attractions in the area. From vintage attractions to modern conventions, Cordova, TN, amusement parks offer pure adrenaline and thrills to locals and visitors alike. From the classic whirling rides of the Carousel Amusement Park to the modernized experience of Sky Zone Trampoline Park, there is something for everyone in Cordova. Cordova, TN can be seen here. 

The Carousel Amusement Park is one of the oldest attractions in Cordova, TN. It has been open since 1956, and the park offers various rides, games, and attractions that all make for a great day out with the family. The ‘Giant Swinger,’ a 53-foot tall circular flat ride, is a classic thrill ride, and for those who want to relive their childhoods, the same old whack-a-mole game is still available. Other classic rides, such as the Ferris Wheel and Bumper Cars, are available too, and new rides, such as the Roller Coaster, have been added in recent years. And the snack bar offers up a range of treats, from classic cotton candy to homemade funnel cakes. Click here to read about Incredible Amusement Escapes in Cordova, TN.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park offers wall-to-wall trampolines and a new level of thrills for a more modern twist on amusement parks. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, this is the place to go – with attractions such as the Sky Slam basketball hoops and the Foam Zone pit, you can have plenty of fun in the air. There’s even an indoor playground for kids and an arcade area for those looking for more relaxed activities. The Sky Zone also offers a variety of unique packages depending on the season, from discounted entry tickets to add-on experiences, so you can mix it up to suit your tastes.