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Welcome to Cordova, Tennessee, home to a woodland discovery playground that promises to educate, excite and entertain the whole family. Located at the edge of town near Cordova Country Club, the playground is easily accessible for a day of play and exploration. Learn more here.

The Woodland Discovery Playground is unique in that it offers a great way to learn about the natural world in the heart of the city. The surrounding area is a natural forest, so there is plenty of wildlife to observe and explore. From owls, hawks, and eagles to rabbits and deer, the kids can discover what makes the outdoors so unique. The woods are also home to many forms of plants and trees, so there is plenty to take in as flora and fauna create a magical backdrop. The playground’s centerpiece is a two-story multi-level structure where the whole family can climb, explore and play. Along with an array of slides and monkey bars, there are challenging obstacle courses designed to test the skills of any age group, from toddlers to teens. The playground also has a variety of swings and seesaws, allowing the younger ones to explore their balance and coordination. In addition to the playground structure, the Woodland Discovery Playground has a variety of activities to take part in. Kids can try their hands at fishing, play on the outdoor chessboard and explore the same natural space that their parents enjoyed as kids. They can even explore a nearby stream and discover some of the area’s wildlife. Learn more about Lichterman Nature Center: A Hub of Natural Beauty and Activities in Memphis, TN.