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Cordova, Tennessee, is a city filled with fascinating and educational museums. These museums offer various educational opportunities, from traditional museums to interactive exhibits and activities. Whether you’re visiting Cordova for a weekend or staying longer, there are plenty of exciting and engaging museums to explore. Learn more here.

If you’re looking to explore culture and history while in Cordova, Tennessee, then the Lo-Liggett Museum of Anthropology and History is the museum for you. Located in the heart of Cordova, the Lo-Liggett Museum offers a unique opportunity to explore the many cultural aspects of this small city. From the history of the city’s evolution to the cultural impact of the many people from around the world who’ve come to call it home, the museum presents artifacts and exhibits on various topics. From pre-Columbian history to the 20th century and beyond, this museum covers Cordova’s history and culture thoroughly and engagingly. The nearby Wolfchase Gallery is also a great museum to explore. This contemporary art gallery features works from both local and international artists. From painting and sculpture to photography and videos, Wolfchase Gallery offers visitors a unique and inspiring journey through the world of art. The changing exhibitions provide a constantly evolving selection of pieces to explore, while the Art Mart gift shop offers a selection of merchandise from featured artists. Learn more about Exploring the Great Outdoors in Cordova, TN – A Look at Local Parks.