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Experienced Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Home renovation projects are an excellent way to revitalize your house and increase your comfort level. They’re also an easy way to boost your property’s value for a future sale. Renovate Memphis has years of experience helping homeowners remake their bathrooms according to their vision. And now we can do the same for you. Our specialty is transforming drab, outdated, and cramped bathrooms into modern and comfortable living areas. We are a team you can count on to execute your vision and leave you with a bathroom you can enjoy for years. Whatever you want, we’ll deliver. Contact us today for more information.

beautifully renovated bathroom

The Many Benefits of Remodeling Your Bathroom

We are proud of our reputation for helping our customers find serenity in their homes. A chaotic and poorly-designed bathroom is a recipe for stress. Our team can help you inject vitality into your home and provide a range of benefits. There’s no shortage of advantages created by investing in remodeling your bathroom. They include:

  • Increased Home Value: Renovating your bathroom will boost your home’s value as much as redoing the kitchen. Whether you are improving a half-or full-bath, these enhancements will help prospective buyers on your home if you ever decide to sell.
  • More Happiness: Bathroom remodeling projects give you plenty of opportunities for increased happiness. If you like to take a relaxing bubble bath following a hard day’s work, then a new bathroom can make this creature comfort more accessible.
  • Better Organization: We excel at finding ways to make small spaces work for our customers. Just because your bathroom is small doesn’t mean it has to overflow with hairdryers, curlers, hair products, deodorant, and other items. We can help with common-sense storage.
  • Improved Efficiency: We can install new fixtures in your bathroom. Modern faucets and sinks are far more efficient than older ones. You can save money on your monthly water bills by investing in a remodeling project. Over time the savings will go a long way toward paying for the project.
  • Personality: We know how to work with you to design a new bathroom that reflects your sensibilities. Whether you prefer traditional or modern design flourishes, we can adapt. We’ll discuss your vision and heavily incorporate it into our work.

We’re Bursting With Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

We can handle a wide range of responsibilities for your bathroom remodeling project. Our versatility helps reduce the number of contractors you have to work with on the project. We also understand the importance of creativity. Our team works hard to continually dream up new bathroom remodeling ideas. If you decide to remake your bathroom, you can count on our team to provide:

  • Spa-Like Walk-In Showers: We can install a spa-like shower regardless of your bathroom’s size. We know how to maximize space to increase your comfort level. A walk-in shower will be a major upgrade from an older, outdated shower.
  • Bathtub, Shower, and Sink Upgrades: Maybe a walk-in shower isn’t in the cards. That’s okay. We can still upgrade your bathtub and shower. Our team also provides high-quality sink upgrades, helping to bring your bathroom into the 21st
  • Luxury Showers and Vanities: We can also take things a step further. Luxury showers and vanities are an excellent way to infuse even more comfort into your new bathroom. We can work with you to follow your vision to a “T.”

Put In a Service Request Today

There’s never been a better time to improve your home. Bathroom remodeling is one way we get the job done, and our work speaks for itself. Our team has the skills and experience needed to handle various projects, including kitchen remodels, room additions, or painting. And if all you need is a new shower or sink, we can take care of that too. We want to make you happier in your home. Our services are an excellent way to make minor or major upgrades to your home. We work efficiently, ensuring we can keep costs in control and stay within our quoted price. To get started, put in a service request today.

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